Road Division

About Our Division

The Road Division of the Saline County Sheriff's Department consists of 8 full time Deputy Sheriff's. This division is supervised by Sheriff Cindi Mullins and provides services to Saline County residents 24 hours a day. Responsibilities consist of investigations, residence and business checks, civil and criminal paper service, transporting prisoners and general patrol. This division works closely with Division of Family Services, Saline County Juvenile Office, Division of Aging, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Probation and Parole and other area agencies. This division brings over 80 years of combined experience to the department to help better serve area residents. All Deputies are licensed peace officers within the guidelines of the Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T.). Each deputy is required to receive P.O.S.T. continuing education training on a regular basis to maintain their license and remain current in their field.

Patrol Vehicles

Road Deputies spend a great deal of time in their patrol vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with two-way radio communications, shotguns, flashlights, and emergency kits which include items such as fingerprint kits, blankets, and binoculars. Some patrol vehicles are equipped with prisoner restraint safety partitions for transporting uncooperative people.

Community Awareness
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