Fees and Services

Housing Out of County Prisoners
The Saline County Sheriff's Department will always house out of county prisoners providing bed space is available. The cost is 35 dollars per day per prisoner, plus reimbursement of all medical expenses that are incurred by the Sheriff's Department during the incarceration of your prisoner.

We will house both male and female prisoners who are seventeen years of age and older. We DO NOT house juvenile prisoners.

If for some unforeseen reason the Saline County Sheriff's Department should have a large number of incoming prisoners, Sheriff Cindi Mullins would contact your department and request that you pick up your prisoners as soon as possible.

Criminal History Checks
The Saline County Sheriff's Department CAN NOT run criminal history checks on individuals for any reason other than for another Law Enforcement Agency, Prosecuting Attorney's Office, or for the Court System.

Per statute, we may NOT give a private individual his or her criminal history, and we may NOT run a criminal history on any individual with the exception of requests from the above agencies and court systems.

Civil Paper Fees and Mileage for Paper Service
Civil paper service fee is 30.00 dollars, except subpoenas which are 20.00 dollars. There is no fee or mileage charge for criminal papers. We are currently charging .36 cents a mile for papers served in Saline County. Garnishments served in Marshall are not charged mileage. All other civil papers served in Marshall are 1.00 dollar for mileage. Other towns in our county are listed below with their mileage for your convenience.

Arrow Rock12.96 dollars
Emma21.60 dollars
Malta Bend9.36 dollars
Miami10.08 dollars
Napton7.20 dollars
Slater9.36 dollars
Blackburn12.96 dollars
Gilliam12.24 dollars
Nelson12.96 dollars
Mt. Leonard11.52 dollars
Sweet Springs18.00 dollars

** Please note that due to numerous trips to an address, non-est papers are charged double mileage.

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