Communications and Master Control

Master Control
Master Control consists of a panel allowing control of all lights, telephones, doors and video cameras throughout the entire secured area. Most of this is done from 1 main panel mapping out the secured area with buttons in each room controlling the functions of that room. This panel can also over-ride or lockout all control panels for security purposes. When disabled, the boards in the secured area no longer have the ability to control doors, lights or communication with anyone other than Master Control. Alongside this panel are 4 monitors. Two of these flip through all cameras all the time. The other two are used to lock on to cameras as needed and to record inmates who are acting inappropriately. Master Control is also used to monitor non-contact visits between inmates and family or friends.

Part of Master Control, Communications is another important aspect of the Communication Officer's job. There is a computer there which is in constant communication with MULES (Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement Systems) and NCIC (National Crime Index Communications). Every person who is pulled over, arrested or involved in a report is run through both of these systems. The information provided to us include driver's status, whether there are any active warrants, stolen property, and whether or not caution should be used in contact. Saline County and City of Slater warrants, stolen property reports, and missing persons are entered in to MULES and/or NCIC as appropriate. Bulletins are also passed along in reference to crimes that have happened in other jurisdictions when the suspects or perpetrators are for some reason suspected to be headed in our direction. This allows Communications to give all area officers a "heads up" on what may be coming through and lets us get officers in position to intercept if the suspects do indeed enter our county. These bulletins are also used by our department when a crime has been committed in our county and the suspects or perpetrators have fled our jurisdiction and we have an idea where they may be going. Calls from the public are also answered here whether they be for the business office, calls for service, or any kind of emergency.

Community Awareness
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